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Velcro Mary



It was only four short months ago, May 2003, when Andrew Webster came up with the idea to release a compilation of music local to his hometown of Charlotte, NC.  With a target release date this October, its impressive to see how quickly the project came together.  Considering the fact that over a hundred local artists will be featured on this eight-disc monster, its almost unbelievable.

Webster, 25, is a Charlotte native who has made the local music scene his business.  As a musician, hes played in Andrew Nick and Charlie, Jeronimo Punx, Abe & the Spikedrivers, and the Andrew Webster Band.  However, his most important role in the community thus far has been hosting the local music show, Complex Radio.  The show is broadcast by the Gaston College station, WSGE 91.7FM.  Airing Monday nights from 10-12, Andrew showcases local talent of all genres, including live performances inside the studio.

The success of the radio show sparked the idea for the compilation.  Webster originally began with about 70 bands that he wanted to include, and the list has since grown to 119.  What started off as a five-disc set has expanded to eight discs.  So how did he do it in such a short time?  Obviously, the majority of the acts that Webster approached were excited to be a part of the project.  He notes that there were three or four bands that were hesitant about it at first and one band that flat out declined.  But despite a handful of detractors, no artist can dispute the positive exposure that will result from the compilations release.

Many of the included acts are unsigned.  Others are signed to locals like Liquilab andMoRisen Records.  Getting permission from these labels was no problem, as Webster knows all of the local label heads.  When it came to national acts, he ran into a bit of trouble.  The process of acquiring permission to use music from Justincase, who are signed to Madonnas Maverick Records, proved too complicated to be worthwhile.  Instead, Andrew begrudgingly opted not to include major label acts.

Rather than focus on a particular genre, Webster sought out as many different musical styles as he could for inclusion in the project.  But instead of producing a disjointed result, he has constructed the track listing like a master architect, making the running order of the songs complementary a skill he has perfected on his radio show.  There are pockets of songs that seem to be on the same wavelength, but it is the overall flow of the eight discs that is consistently emphasized.  I have listened to the majority of the tracks that are going to be included here, and the diversity and vast scope of available genres is inspiring.  To know that all of this great music is being made right here in Charlotte is a humbling realization.  To hear it all together in a way that makes sense is enlightening.

The artwork is still under construction, but obviously an eight disc compilation wont fit in your typical jewel case.  To meet the special needs of his project, Andrew has decided to use a vinyl gatefold type package.  The large size will also help secure retail advertising space.  People wont have any trouble finding this beast in their local music store.

While the compilation is near completion, it is still too early to nail down a specific release date.  Webster is hoping for October, just in time for the holiday shopping season.  Once a date is confirmed, the CD release party at Tremont Music Hall will be organized.  With 119 participating artists, 70% of which perform live in some capacity, finding musicians to play the event shouldnt be a problem.  The only problem will be a 300 person guest list.

Webster is already planning a media assault once the compilation is finished, so you should be hearing much more about it in the very near future.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on this enormous track listing, and patiently wait for the comps release:

Eric Lovell - The Morning Sun
The Talk - Valentines Day
Baleen - I Dont Like To Die In This Beautiful World
Babyshaker - Killer Loser
Pop Rocket - Love Will Destroy Us
Steady Baker - Crooked Fingers
The Others - My Blues
Etheric - And So I
Murdercycle - Asphalt Jungle
One Amazin Kid - These Blooms Are In Full
Green Light - The Night I Floated Through Jimi Hendrixs Rose Garden
Bellglide - Everyday
Lenny Federal - Revealed
Pirate Eye Patch - Organic Soup
Interstellars - Echoes
Shadoan - Peaces Comes
Atikab - Tile


Robin Turner
Elevator Action - Modern Sickness (clean)
Emron - Emergency
Cast Iron Filter - When You Dont Come Around
Driving Reflex - Static
First Night On Earth - Subside
Spitune - Product of a Generation
Pyramid - ?
Rick Spreitzer - Always Welcome Here
Ten Missing Days - Entropy/Dejection
Aria - Charles Bronson and the Red Light Affair
Council Peanuts - Do You Receive Me?
Visible Elroy - Tenderness
Syndrome Symphony


KURT - Wizard (complete mix)
Jem Crosland & the Hypertonics - Is It Just A Dream
Gigi Dover - Beatty Drive
Leisure McCorkle - Like That
Chris Givens - Big Green Box
Wavy Train - Calling Lester
Film School - Sadly Overblown
Crisis - Shade Of Blue
Aqualads - Surfers Revenge
Jamaul Redmond - Dementia
Jeronimo Punx - Stoopid
Antiseen - Sod
Trip Rogers - New Barbarians
JoeyStillwagon - Brianne
Electric Guns - Dead
The Cause - Necklace
Hardcore Lounge - (live)
  DISC 4
The Noise - The Fall
Velcro Mary - Home
Ryythm n Bluz - QC
David Childers - Cold Steel Arms
Vizionarium - DeadMans AnThem
Satellite Union - FUBAR
Robot vs. Rabbit - Pneumonia
Roger SH02 - Sidewalk Caf
Abe & the Spikedrivers - Ted Talkin Toaster
Michael Reno Harrell - Southern Suggestions
Alternative Champs - Rockingham
Jason Hausman - Vultures
Hex Sensei - Slurp My Zutiny
Gail Warning - Trudy McKenzie
Dickens - Walking Alone
Ashley Robinson - Green Theft
Tom Constanton - Land Of The Hassled And Free
Sea of Cortez - Ballad of Lacy Rawlins
Mons Vanera - The Open Seas
Activ-analog - Juno Dub
Tesser - Western Wind
Tom Eure, Jr. - Laredo
Tracey Harris - Do You Want To Love?
William - Begin Again
Stragglers - New Carolina Boogie
Memphis Quick 50 - Cat Pills
John Dungan - Wildflowers (live)
  DISC 6
Semi-Pro - What a Future
Earman Ali - All Sister
gogo Pilot - Requiem for a Shut-In
Goldenrods - BRANDO
Lindsey Horne Band - Creep Through the Fences
Jason Scavone and the Noises Ten - The Fix
Blakrayn - People Get Ready
G.B.U. - Scream Out Loud
Lou Ford - Come On Sun
Houston Brothers - Portland
Hu Mann Hugh - Disoriental
Oliver Long
The Side - The Floating Dollar Bill Trick
Angwish - interstellar
Continuous Jones - 7
Ron Brendle Trio - Freeway
Dominant 7 - Big Bells
Avett Brothers - Sorry Man
4th Ward - Subject In Waiting
Bellyfull - Yesterdays Seeds
James Fedele - The Boulevard
Black Lagoon - Black Lagoon
Ken Bryan - The Awakening
Arlen - Queen Of Under the Bed
Nonfiction - Charlotte Bound
My So-Called Band - No Better
James Thomason - Adopt
George Hatcher Band - Coming Home GHB
  DISC 8
Moolah Temple String Band - Bullet On A Woodstove
Dynamite Brothers - Bus Stop
Snagglepuss - Nyla
The Steves - 1_Boot
Eric Holloway Band - Lower East Side
Delancey Street - Lovin You
Jamie Hoover/Bill Lloyd - The Bucks Stop Here
La Rua - Chanchito
Panda - Virgin Elvis (clean)
Roman Hands & Russian Fingers - Rooftop Mistress
Jason Byrd - Missed Sunday
Virginia Reel - Pendelton
Les Dirt Clods - Linda
Gina Stewart - Breathe
Spongetones - Always Carry On
Andrew Webster - Freedom Park

-Jake Cansado

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