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Formed in 1990 in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco and taking much of their musical spirit from both the psychedelic-youth-culture and music of the same area, the Brian Jonestown Massacre have made some of the most exciting underground music in America since the sixties. When asked about the origin of the band name, leader Anton Alfred Newcombe explained, "At the
time we were all eating alot of l.s.d. and it seemed like a good idea to me." Newcombe recalls "I just wanted to be in a great band, with people who really loved music, but there really weren't any to join at the time." So he started his own. At first he wrote songs on a four-track tape recorder, playing all of the parts himself, but before he knew it he had hooked up with Matt Hollywood (bass), Travis Threllkel (guitar) Rick Maymi (drums), and by the middle of their first gig, Jeff Davies (guitar).  The band started a side project called Electric Cool Aid and would open up their own shows. Newcombe said, "ECA's sound was very much like the BJM sounds today, very primal, just great rock songs.  You see, at the time, the BJM were doing more or less experimental psychedelic music, not unlike My Bloody Valentine, and it was refreshing to just play simple rock music."
Eventually they sent a demo to Greg Shaw of Bomp! Records under which the band has recorded nine albums. In 1997 the band signed with American indipendent TVT Records, a deal which only lasted for one record: the critically-aclaimed "Strung Out in Heaven." Newcombe remains philosophical: "They gave us a mile of rope, so we hung ourselves." ....and so it seems they did as members Matt Hollywood and Dean Taylor both left the project, and at last report Joel Gion is missing in action as well, but Newcombe states, "Whatever man, the show must go on." And the show has indeed gone on. BJM just released their new album Bravery, Repetition and Noise on their own Committee to Keep Music Evil label, and have been criss-crossing the US and Canada playing to their bigger-than-ever cult audience. 


Spacegirl and Other Stories 1993 Candyfloss
Methodrone 1995 Bomp
Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request 1996 Tangible
Take It From The Man 1996 Bomp
Thank God For Mental Illness 1996 Bomp
Give It Back! 1997 Bomp
Strung Out In Heaven 1998 Tangible/TVT
Bringing It All Back Home Again (EP) 1999 Tangible/Which
Zero (EP) 2000 The Committee To Keep Music Evil
Bravery, Repitition, & Noise 2001 The Committee To Keep Music Evil
...And This Is Our Music 2003 The Committee To Keep Music Evil

You can purchase music by The Brian Jonestown Massacre at Amazon, Insound & CDUniverse


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