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Velcro Mary


Nemo: Signs of Life

Pleasantly accessible, but perfectly weird, Nemos Signs of Life sparkles with sophisticated melodies that recall XTC at their sunniest, alongside more romantically-charged pop anthems that bring to mind The Cure and New Order (fronted by English Beat), but to label them retreads would simply be a disservice, as their influences and tendencies are just too far-ranging for that.  In fact, theres so much going on here you could probably hear whatever you want (Oh theres early R.E.M. oh theres Talk Talk theres a smidgeon of Wild Honey-era Beach Boys!).  Its sort of pointless.

That they appear to have such a wide array of influences, yet draw on them so effortlessly to craft their own sound should only be a testament to their ability.  Recorded in the comfy confines of their Brooklyn apartment, Luke McCartney and Dennis Tyhacz infect their debut album with an adventurous spirit that likens them to their contemporaries, The Fiery Furnaces, with whom they share a similar regard for the abstract (both lyrically and musically).  And with a sound that seems fully realized for such a low-budget approach, the duo seem comfortable balancing the direct (Metropolitan) with the more left-of-center (Ether), but usually in the same song (Eternity of This).  Its refreshing and remarkably confident (because it works), and that they pull it off should say something to what awaits them.  No doubt this will find a niche amongst the more intellectual and emotionally-leaning indie fans.  Its one of the best albums of the year.

-Gary Knight

This album can be purchased at CD Baby

Nemo Official Website

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