How to Choose Cheap Low Cost Web Hosting

How to Choose Cheap Low Cost Web Hosting

In this online age more and more people want to bring their own website. Some people want to make the website just for hobby, while some want to start their small businesses online. Is really a hosting account required to make a website? Well, not really. People can make their website using the free weblog platform available as and These blogging platforms are good if you make the site just too hobby or fun, but if you are making a website for your online business, it is recommended that you use your own web host.

Because you have just started your online business, you definitely do not want to invest a lot of money in your hosting account. So basically you want cheap web hosting. That does not mean that all cheap web hosting is not good. There are many web hosting providers available which are good and cheap as well. In this article, I will guide you how to choose affordable cheap web hosting and what to look for when choosing a web hosting account.

There are many features you should look for to choose cheap web hosting, but it also depends on your requirements. Here are some features that are almost common in selecting web hosting.

Disk space and bandwidth

Fake is a disk space and bandwidth. This is really your choice. Do not select the company that provides more disk space and more bandwidth. Nowadays, hardware and internet connections are very cheap. So many web hosting companies can give you a lot of disk space and bandwidth. You should first determine your requirements and should check that which web hosting provider provides your requirement for the cheapest price with other benefits as well. The hosting company that provides more disk space and bandwidth may not be reliable or not supported.

Domains Hosting

Affordable web hosting should offer unlimited domains and unlimited subdomain hosting. Well, if you will not host more than one website than it is good to choose host with limited domain host but it should at least provide unlimited subdomains worth. Most hosting companies offer unlimited domains worth.

Mail, MySQL and FTP accounts

Low cost hosting company should also provide enough mail, mysql and FTP user accounts. You may need to provide a separate postal ID to each employee in the future. For file upload, you may also need different FTP accounts with different folder access. So keep accounting in mind when choosing a host company.

Maximum control of your account

You should have full control over your account. The hosting company should give you as much control as possible. Some of these accesses include SSH Secure Shell access, .htaccess file access, proprietary php.ini settings, cron jobs, perl and python support. You may not understand some of these terms now but in the future you will definitely need one of these accesses to your site. So check it out before you buy.

OneClick Install via Control Panel

You should be able to install many open source software such as WordPress, phpBB, MediaWiki, Zencart etc .. with one click from the control panel. If web hosting does not offer this option, you must install it manually but this feature is common with most hosting companies.

Support and reliability

Support and reliability are the most important things you should check. You can compromise on all other features, but with this you can not. Without an account, how do you know if the hosting company is reliable or not. Simple! Get help from Google. Watch out for the web hosting review. Check what is average time and how is support. With lowcost hotels, you can not expect phone support, but at least it will provide mail support with a reasonable response time. If you get phone support, its an additional plus point.

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